My sweetie loves feeding the birds. And I have to admit, watching them really is rather fun. The issue is the squirrels. On the weekend they not only knocked over the feeder pole, they stole a feeder and hid it in the garden, honest! Of course, that meant a new feeder yesterday... The new one really does seem to be squirrel proof. But, no need to worry that the squirrels will go hungry - right now four are lined up on my deck railing to get to the feeders there. I'm pretty certain squirrels aren't supposed to be so fat!
Hope you see something that makes you giggle today - squirrels are always an option!

Happy stitching,
Mary Beth
If you still need "quilty" gift ideas, consider these goodies. The Cutting Gizmo ($14.50) is a neat little gadget that makes snipping the thread between chain-pieced segments a snap. Set it at the end of your ironing board and just press the thread against it - magic - separated pieces! Or, how about a nifty new ruler? Creative Grids continues to add to their ruler offerings - one of these would be great in your stocking and just might spark an idea for a winter project. I'm a huge fan of the Itty-Bitty Eights square ($15.95). You will be amazed at how well you can accurately cut 1/8" increments with this one - the markings really do guide your eye to the correct spot. The Log Cabin ruler will help you make perfect little Log blocks ($12.95) and the Half Square 4-in-1 does just what it's name implies, gives you a way (actually several ways) to make accurate triangle units ($19.95). There are lots of other goodies that would make great gifts - from handmade ornaments, to adorable embroidered towels and even handmade runners and bags - you never know - the perfect gift might just be at Quilters Corner! 

Just thought of another stocking stuffer option - how about a 2017 Quilters Corner date book? The cute, petite calendar includes information about special events happening in the shop at the beginning of the year, space to add others as we go along and lots of specials and coupons for those who own one - well worth it's $1.99 price.
And now for the information you've really been waiting for!

Our 2017 QC Snow Day Surprise kits go on sale today! These kits are a little different from others you might purchase. Like other kits, they contain beautiful fabrics for a fantastic pieced design, but wait, no pattern... Surprise - that is because the pattern arrives, via email, on the first day in 2017 that 6", or more, of snow falls on Quilters Corner in Finleyville, PA! If we do not get 6" in a single day (truly my hope - have I mentioned I'm not really a fan of snow?), the pattern is released to those with kits on February 14th. The kit is offered in three different colorways, at a very reduced price until the snow falls (or until we run out of kits!). Our Snow Day Surprise kits make the stormy weather far more fun! You will be the one inside blissfully stitching away!

The 2017 quilt is inspired by a quilt from the mid 1800's. Like quilts of that era, the piecing runs to the edge of the 62 7/8" x 62 7/8" piece. If you would like to make a bigger quilt we offer border kits - if possible, these kits should be ordered when you place your quilt order, as the fabrics for additional piecing, and inner and outer border are coordinated with your piece! Bordered quilt finishes 79 ½' x 91 ¾" 
Check out the options below and place your order - the supply is far more fleeting (yes, we do run out) then flurries in Western PA!

2017 QC Snow Day Surprise kit color options ~  kits include background, piecing prints and binding fabric
Winter - historic style fabrics in rich colors - $29.95
Springtime - lovely softer colors - $29.95
Batik - luscious batik prints in a full range of color - $39.95

Border kits ~ border kits are offered to compliment the 2017 Snow Day quilt kits. These will help you make a larger quilt if you would like. Border kit $47.25

Backing is also offered for the kits. This is regular width yardage, in a beautiful coordinated print that requires one or two seams (depending on quilt size) to make the back. 
2017 Snow Day backing - $36.95 (backing for batik kits will be beautiful complimentary cotton, but not batik, as it is very hard to quilt through two layers of batik) 
Bordered 2017 Snow Day quilt backing - $65.95

Please note
- If you are ordering these kits as gifts please let us know so we can include a small information card with the project. Also, the pattern will be emailed to the address used to order the kit, unless otherwise noted. 
- If you would like to special order a kit for the 2017 kit after the pattern release you will be charged the regular price of $85.50 for the winter or springtime version and $95.50 for the batik version!

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