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Wreathed in Beauty - Applique Sampler PA Farmers Market first six block kits from Quilters Corner

Wreathed in Beauty is our newest appliqué block of the month series. The 17” blocks are reminiscent of those created in the mid 1800’s. They are not true historic blocks, but rather what I would have drawn if I lived then. The series includes twelve block kits and four bonus patterns. Your kits will include appliqué fabrics in deep red, green and gold (fabrics are the same or similar to those used in the original blocks). A supply list that details additional fabric requirements (fabrics for background, stems and quilt setting) will be sent with your first kit. The blocks are complimented by an additional bit of appliqué that makes for a unique setting. Kits #1 - #6 are currently available (#7 - #12 will be ready by mid January).

Choose individual block kits, sign up as a Block-of-the-Month, or purchase a bundled set of six kits and two bonus blocks as a grouping.

Please note - due to availability, kit fabrics may vary. All fabrics are specially, hand chosen to be similar in color and style to the fabrics in the original quilt.

Order the first six blocks at one time and receive two bonus block patterns and the stem fabric needed for your quilt top - $59.70

Subscribe as a Block of the Month and receive one kit each month for 12 months. PayPal will automatically send you an invoice each month and we will send you the four bonus patterns during the series shipments- $14.90 (includes shipping and handling)

Select any of the individual kits, shown below- $9.95 each

Wreathed in Beauty - Individual Block Photos
Wreathed in Beauty Applique Block 1 From Quilters Corner

Block 1

Wreathed in Beauty Applique Block 2 From Quilters Corner

Block 2

Wreathed in Beauty Applique Block 3 From Quilters Corner

Block 3

Wreathed in Beauty Applique Block 4 From Quilters Corner

Block 4

Wreathed in Beauty Applique Block 5 From Quilters Corner

Block 5

Wreathed in Beauty Applique Block 5 From Quilters Corner

Block 6